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Mikel Arteta has recovered from Coronavirus after contracting it a few days back - Arsenal has confirmed that their Spanish manager is cleared of the deadly COVID-19 - Players have not been allowed to resume training despite self-isolating themselves for two weeks Mikel Arteta has recovered from the deadly coronavirus after testing positive a few days back, Mirror reports. 

The Spanish boss who was the first high-profile name in the Premier League to test positive to COVID-19 has now recovered. But the north London club have told their players to stay at home after insisting it would be "inappropriate" to return to training

Player were expected to return to training on Tuesday, March 24, after they were told to self-isolate themselves when Arteta tested positive to COVID-19 

But the government has given a directive on social distancing which could extend the break to another month. Arsenal's statement said: 

"Our men's first team players were scheduled to return to training on Tuesday after completing 14 days isolation following Mikel Arteta's positive diagnosis for the virus. "As a result of the current situation we are clear it would be inappropriate and irresponsible to ask players to come back at this time. 

"Therefore our men's first team, women and academy players are all remaining at home. Stay at home and save lives." 

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